Chris is a quadriplegic artists and has no movement from the chest down.
He broke his neck in 1990 while swimming at Surf Beach located near Batemans Bay.
Chris has been painting for 4 years after being confined to bed due to medical problems. He started painting to fill in the endless hours of boredom. Having not pick up a brush before he started on a small canvas and using stencils to get the basic shapes.
After many paintings and watching countless videos on YouTube. His conference increased the more he painted.
As his knowledge of painting increased, his style has evolved into pop/modern art is favoured style. Chris likes to keep the content of his paintings a light hearted look at life and likes to use cartoon characters in his paintings to make convey his message
His paintings are usually on stretched canvas using acrylic paint.​​

To view a short video produced to bring awareness to children about spinal cord injuries . It shows how Chris paints and more information  about him.

His loyal best mate Flash has been by his side through thick and thin for the last 10 years and is always the first to see me in the morning and the last to see me at night
10 Years in the making 
The book has 24 pages long ,printed on high gloss, soft back 8"x9". Written an Illustrated by Chris Campbell .
A story about Bluey and his friends Shady, Flash and Lola who rescue Bluey from imitate death after he gets a can caught on one of his claw.
The book also has some interactive pages 
To order email ccgraphis@iprimus.com.au